Yevgeniya Baras and Julia Haft-Candell: Parts of Speech

November 12, 2020 - February 6, 2021

Parts of Speech brings together a sculptor and a painter whose working process is intuitive and whose tactile abstractions straddle the symbolic and the mystical. Baras' paintings are assembled, with elements and layers added over time, resulting in idiosyncratic objects with strong bas-relief textures and sumptuous surfaces. Haft-Candell's ceramic sculptures marry two surface treatments - one, unglazed black clay with a white slip into which the artist has carved a woven sgraffito motif, and the other, layers of glaze over organic forms. Seen together for the first time in Parts of Speech, the artists' parallel approaches are made clear. Additionally, Haft-Candell's sculptures bring out the "objecthood" of Baras' paintings, and Baras' paintings invite closer inspection of the surface treatments and undulations of Haft-Candell’s sculptures.