Jana Vander Lee: Again and Again

July 12 - September 7, 2019

Again and Again presents tapestries from the 1970s and 80s by American artist Jana Vander Lee (b. 1945, Lansing, IL). A weaver who came out of the craft-heavy regional guild system, Vander Lee successfully integrated her tapestries into the male-dominated fine art scene in Houston and her work was widely exhibited in the region during this time. Comprising large and medium scale tapestries, her work was inspired by her early life in the Dutch Calvinist church, travels to the American Southwest to study Navajo weaving, and her deep knowledge of the American Fiber Arts tradition through self-education. An artist, writer, curator and community organizer, Vander Lee was instrumental in organizing important exhibitions introducing fiber art into the mainstream fine art scene in Houston. Vander Lee suffered loss of her eyesight in the mid-90s but has recently regained some sight, allowing her to begin her practice anew. Inman Gallery is pleased to announce our representation of Jana Vander Lee with this exhibition.