In conversation with Gilad Efrat and Joe Havel

March 26, 2022

Ping Pong continues Efrat’s exploration into a distinct painterly approach which began in 2014, creating vibrant and energized abstract works that follow the tradition of Action Painting. Entering the exhibition, viewers are confronted with walls of highly saturated colors in angular, sweeping overlapping blocks, interspersed with frenzied marks inset into the paint. Painting with intensity and urgency, Efrat manipulates overlapping layers of wet paint to simultaneously build up the surface and remove paint to reveal an image before the paint dries, all within the span of two to three days. In doing so Efrat’s paintings have a self-referential archaeological nature, an active excavation in their own creation. They capture speed and life itself.    

Recorded March 26, 2022, the video is a conversation between Gilad Efrat and Joseph Havel.