"FOCUS: Jamal Cyrus" Garners Widespread Press

Reviews from Dallas Morning News, Glasstire, & Art and Culture Texas

"Rooted in earth, echoing lost music, Cyrus’ layered art is visually engaging and deeply humane. Let's hope we see more of it
." - Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

As Jamal Cyrus' solo exhibition draws to a close at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Woth, we're delighted to share several thoughtful and glowing reviews, published in Glasstire, Dallas Morning News, and Arts and Culture Texas. Read on below.

"The Houston-born and -based artist, educated at the universities of Houston and Pennsylvania, works in a vast array of media, in two and three dimensions, and sometimes in sound. But the show of his recent works at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth lives up to its “Focus” label. " - Scott Cantrell

"Strands of the past, layer upon layer" by Scott Cantrell, The Dallas Morning News, June 12, 2022.

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"In Focus: Jamal Cyrus at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Houston-based artist argues with America’s rendering of the Black contribution to its historical margins. Although this argument is (or should be) by now a frequent topic of national discourse, Cyrus attacks the theme as if a new Harlem Renaissance, made for our times, were embodied in a single man." – Betsy Lewis

"Review: Jamal Cyrus at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth" by Betsy Lewis, Glasstire, May 2, 2022

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"'What I’m trying to work with and understand is what makes a sonic territory fertile, and how it affects culture,' says Houston-based multidisciplinary artist Jamal Cyrus. His is a journey in step with music that evolves out of a specific place... 'In regards to sound and music, I’m most interested in their uses outside the realm of entertainment,' says Cyrus. 'In America, music has been used to create communities. It’s been used to integrate American society and it’s been used as a tool to politically organize and educate.' " - Nancy Zastudil

"The Pace of Place: Jamal Cyrus at The Modern" by Nancy Zastudil, Arts and Culture Texas, April 12, 2022

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June 14, 2022