Charis Ammon's solo exhibition "Palm Trees and City Debris"

On View August 22 – November 11, 2022 at TXST Galleries in San Marcos

Charis Ammon at TXST Galleries, Texas State University, in San Marcos, Texas

August 22 - November 11, 2022


We are thrilled to announce Charis Ammon's solo exhibition at TXST Galleries, at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Titled Palm Trees and City Debtis, the show explores the artist's recent paintings of scrapyard debris, broken sidewalks, unkempt commercial buildings, and empty urban spaces. Ammon's lush painting style contrasts with the gritty subject matter, provoking a quiet, melancholy emotional response. Recently extended, the show will be up through November 11, 2022.


Click here for a viewing room of the exhibition checklist. 

Visitor information can be found on TXST Galleries' website here.

The artist will give a gallery talk Tuesday, September 20 at 2:00pm. A recording of this talk will be available at a later date.

August 22, 2022