Francesca Fuchs at the Suburban at the OJAC

On View September 17, 2022 – January 28, 2023 at the Old Jail Art Center

We are pleased to annouce the opening of Francesca Fuchs' solo show at the Old Jail Art Center in Abeline, Texas, titled Francesa Fuchs at The Suburban at the OJAC on view September 17, 2022 through January 28, 2023. In her paintings of ordinary objects, Fuchs explores the intimacies of everyday life to reconsider cultural signifiers of importance. The paintings included in Francesa Fuchs at The Suburban at the OJAC  feature works from OJAC's permanent collection as their primary subject matter, chosen from over 2,300 digital images from the museum's online database.


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Houston artist Francesca Fuchs seeks to understand an ordinary object or another painting by…painting it. Her depictions are not verbatim, but appear as ghostly doppelgängers created in thin veils of pigment on canvas. Most often, the painted object is one that Fuchs has a personal connection to or that is from her childhood home. She may choose to paint a framed photo of a 1960s dental office, a lady bug rock she created as a child, a framed Piranesi print, or a sculpture of a reclining figure.


For Fuchs’ exhibition Francesca Fuchs at The Suburban at the OJAC, she painted “objects and paintings she did not know in person for the first time,” and instead focused on works in the OJAC’s permanent collection. Perusing some 2,300 digital images on the museum’s online database, Fuchs sought other artists’ works that inspired her. Surprisingly, her intuitive choices were, more often than not, works that often garner less attention than the more “significant” works by any particular artist. Destined to be the subjects of her re-making, her selections are indicative of her attention to things we often dismiss or deem insignificant in aesthetic hierarchal systems.


The enigmatic title is a reference to a past exhibition of her work at The Suburban in Illinois in 2013. Fuchs “re-creates” and references that particular exhibition creating conversations between a suburban space near Chicago and a rural space in west Texas. Simultaneously, relationships echo throughout the entire exhibition as a larger conversation occurs between her paintings of paintings and paintings of objects within the OJAC galleries.


September 17, 2022